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) DNA, Forensic Domestic Violence, see Intimate Partner Violence (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Domestic Violence (Crime​ Domestic Violence Courts Drugs and Crime, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drugs and Crime (Crime​))Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses, see Rated Programs and Practices on Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses (Crime Drug Courts (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drug Courts (Crime Drug Detection, on Surfaces in Correctional Facilities Drug Markets, see NIDA-NIJ Joint Initiative for Research on Retail Drug Markets (pdf, 2 pages) p Drug Markets, Illegal Prescription Drug Market Interventions Drug Treatment, Medication Assisted (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Drug Markets (Crime Use Forecasting, see Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Programs Du Bois, W. B., Fellowship Program Economic Distress and Intimate Partner Violence Electro-muscular Disruption Technology, (See Conducted Energy Devices) Electronic and Internet Crime Electronic Monitoring Elder Abuse Evaluations, Programs (See NIJ Journal article "Maximize Your Evaluation Dollars") Evidence, Types of Exonerations, Postconviction DNA Testing Program Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation Guide Expert Systems (See article "Expert Systems Help Labs Process DNA Samples") Eyewitness Identification Facial Recognition Familicide, Murder-Suicide in Families Family violence (See Children Exposed to Violence, Elder Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Violence Against Women & Family Violence) Fatigue, Stress and Work Hours Fellowship Programs Fingerprints Fingerprint, Capture Technology Fire and Arson Investigation Fire Scene Investigation Guide Firearms Violence Firearms Violence Prevention Firearms Violence, Publications Foreclosures, Using Geographic Information Systems to Assess Influence on Crime Foreclosures, Mortgage Fraud and Neighborhood Decline Meeting (pdf, 555 pages) Forensic DNA Forensic Laboratories, Technology Transition Workshops Forensic Sciences Funding Gangs (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Gangs (Crime​))Gateways, interoperability (See Interoperability Gateways/Interconnects) Global Positioning Systems, Evaluation Use in Community Corrections )Grants (see Funding) Grants Management System (GMS), Training and Technical Assistance Gun Markets Gun Violence Gun Violence Prevention (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Gun Violence Prevention (Crime, see Criminal Justice Restraints Standard NIJ Standard-1001.00 Hate crime Homicide, see Rated Programs and Practices on Hate Crime (Crime

Hot Spots Policing, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Hot-Spot Policing (Crime Human trafficking Impression Evidence Incentives, Policy for Use in NIJ-funded Research Indian Country (See Tribal Crime and Justice) Indigent Defense (See National Symposium on Indigent Defense: Looking Back, Looking Forward, 2000-2010 or Expert Working Group Report: International Perspectives on Indigent Defense, September 2011 [pdf, 58 pages]) Industries, Prison (See NIJ Journal article "Factories Behind Fences: Do Prison ‘Real Work’ Programs Work?

The novella is an "adult ghost story" written by Danielewski before he created the physical book itself with the Dutch artist Peter van Sambeek.

The only recto pages with anything on them, other than the page numbers lying lonely and flush right at their place halfway down each recto page, are the pages featuring the artwork of Peter van Sambeek.

Early on, critics characterized his writing as being ergodic literature, but recently, Danielewski, who has commented on his disappointment with criticism's inability to properly confront his work, "Signiconic = sign icon.

Rather than engage those textual faculties of the mind remediating the pictorial or those visual faculties remediating language, the signiconic simultaneously engages both in order to lessen the significance of both and therefore achieve a third perception no longer dependent on sign and image for remediating a world in which the mind plays no part." Mark was Tad's second child.

Integrity, Police Internet and Electronic Crime Intimate Partner Violence Judicial Oversight in Domestic Violence Courts, Preventing Pretrial Abuse Juvenile Justice, (See NIJ publications on juvenile justice or the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) Juveniles, Transition from Juvenile Delinquency to Young Adult Offending Knives, Protection Against (see Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor [NIJ Standard-0115.00]) Labor Trafficking Laboratory, Enhancement Funding Law Enforcement, (See also Rated Programs and Practices on Law Enforcement (Crime Legitimacy, Police Less-lethal Technologies Lineups, simultaneous vs.

sequential Managed Access Systems (for Contraband Cellphones) Mapping and Analysis Megan's Law, Evaluation of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws in New Jersey Mental Health Screens (NIJ Research for Practice) Methamphetamine Abuse (from the Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosures and Neighborhood Decline Meeting (pdf, 555 pages) Murder-Suicide in Families Narrowbanding, Understanding FCC Requirements National Criminal Justice Reference Services National Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), Law Enforcement Use of National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center Exit Notice.


Mark was the first of two children born to Tad and Priscilla. Poe, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, was born 2 years after Mark.Like House of Leaves, Only Revolutions has quite a cult following and has been taught in universities.In fact, in 2013 two graduate students at UC Santa Barbara created an Only Revolutions database called Vizor.As the work progressed it became obvious to Mark that the novel was something of a counterpoint to House of Leaves; in fact, he has said in interviews that Only Revolutions is centrifugal while House of Leaves is centripetal.

The stylistic and conceptual differences between House of Leaves and Only Revolutions have not inhibited the success of the latter novel; Only Revolutions was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Award and has been translated into French, Dutch, and German.That summer, Poe and Danielewski spent three months as the opening act for Depeche Mode's 2001 North American tour.


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