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Two additional MSW degree programs that have gained popularity of late is the Accelerated MSW Degree for BSW degree holders and the Dual MSW & Public Health Degree program.Earning a Ph D in Social Work prepares students to be a thought leader in education, research organizations, and corporations of all types.Social work is an area of study and practice that allows individuals to assist members of social groups suffering from a variety of issues ranging from the economic to the abusive.Social workers take upon patients and clients who have difficulty adjusting to daily life or suffer from dangerous and abusive environments and work with them to develop a plan toward remedying their situations.Certain social work jobs will already specialize in a particular area, such as child welfare agencies or shelters for abused women.The role of the social worker is to provide a safe environment and examination of the clients or patients background and circumstances in order to provide assistance.MSW graduates concentrating in the clinical track can engage in careers in assisted living as a care manager, private practice therapist, or legal services staff social worker.Leadership: The leadership concentration within the MSW program help prepare students for management and leadership careers in local agencies, community organizations, national departments, or international organizations.

Here are some areas of social work: Social workers typically work in the healthcare industry, government agencies, and schools.

An integrated curriculum allows students to focus on policy and/or practice while learning to become subject matter experts in degree concentrations like mental health, gerontology, and family services.


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