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Although Yemen's constitutionally stated capital is the city of Sana'a, the city has been under Houthi rebel control since February 2015.

The two Yemeni states united to form the modern republic of Yemen in 1990.


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    Rep.: Pe ce loc se situează România în rândul altor ţări din Europa Centrală, în ceea ce priveşte veniturile pe care le aduce Discovery? K.: În cadrul regiunii central-europene, România este unul dintre teritoriile cu cea mai rapidă creştere şi reprezintă o piaţă strategică pentru noi. România are cea mai ridicată rată de penetrare cablu/ satelit din toată Europa Centrală (în aprilie 2009, piaţa de cablu/ satelit din România acoperea 94,3% din totalul persoanelor care deţin cel puţin un televizor, potrivit Gf K România), ceea ce, într-un fel, o face să se numere printre cele mai bine dezvoltate zone.

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    Simple Jess is set in the Osark Mountains in 1906 and Ms. The cast of characters in this book is amazing and the story of Simple Jess and Ms. But theirs is not the only story told in this book, there are secondary storylines about some of the people involved in Jess and Althea's lives that Ms. The farming community as a whole is so well integrated into Jess and Althea's lives and storyline that I found myself feeling as if I knew the people and the place. As a man, Jess has a few dreams of his own: he would like to have a gun and a team of dogs so he can hunt and provide for himself and he would like to have a woman. Genre: Historical Romance - American Series: None -- linked to The Marrying Stone Release Date: April 1, 1996 Grade: A Visit Pamela Morsi here.

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