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They stopped at each and every table and spent a couple of minutes chatting, then let everyone get group photos.

They bravely tried to ignore those of us taking pictures from a distance and in general watching their every move, and were very warm and friendly to everyone.

They started out saying they were filming Season 8, and gave a nice plug for Atlantis.

One of them made it clear it doesn't actually take place under water, which is fortunate since that would play havoc with costuming.

Then they kindly re-enacted the kiss for us, twice for the slow photographers; everyone seemed to enjoy it until Michael said no more, because they're married, and not to each other!

One of the first questions was directed toward the producers but answered by Michael: why isn't there room for both Daniel and Jonas on the team? " He said that the roles of Daniel and Jonas would overlap too much, and that the cost of an additional full-time cast member would be prohibitive. The next question, for Michael, was, are you related to the Professor Michael Shanks who teaches Archeology at Stanford University?

This account is from memory and scattered notes, so it isn't complete, but hopefully I've captured the main points correctly.

I asked if Jack was unfrozen yet, and he smiled and said yes.I've purposely omitted the names of other fans to preserve their anonymity, but rest assured I'll remember all of them!



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